Seasonal Produce


Seasonal Produce


Choose from salad greens (varieties of lettuce, arugula, etc.), braising greens (varieties of kale, chard, etc.), and culinary herbs (basil, oregano, etc.).

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These fruits and vegetables are grown free from pesticides or herbicides, in rich organic soil supplemented with a complete range of minerals and nutrients.  Taste the Prana!

Note: this product is only available  for pick up on Mondays at our Prana Farm pick up locations: 214 Sullivan Street (Manhattan) or 152 Broadway (Williamsburg). 

SALAD GREENS: Seasonal blend of of salad greens, such as varieties of lettuce, arugula, spinach, baby kale, etc.

COOKING GREENS: Heartier greens that lend themselves to cooking, such as varieties of kale, chard, choi, etc.

CULINARY HERBS: Aromatic fresh herbs such as varieties of basil, oregano, parsley, sage, etc.

CORNUCOPIA BLEND: A mixture of whatever is best at the moment. So much exciting!