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Prana Farms Community Sustainable Agriculture (CSA) Project


You're a farm influencer, a thought-leader in your industry, and you appreciate a tasty piece of fennel, so we'd like to welcome you to the Prana Farms Community Sustainable Agriculture (CSA) Project. Each week we'll pack your tote chock full of seasonal veggies, flowers, and treats from Organic Earth Kitchen.

There are two refrigerated pick-up locations:

1) Located on the ground floor of Greenwich Village Dermatology at
 214 Sullivan Street in Manhattan
2) Williamsburg Dermatology at 152 Broadway


Don't Stress

If for any reason that we cannot fathom (i.e. you are out-of-town or want to cancel altogether), you must please let us know by the Friday before to avoid being charged. 

Make It Better Every Week

Prana Farms CSA begins with friends and family, so that we can get super clear messaging on what you love and merely like about our new project. Feedback like "I don't cook enough," is less helpful (and more embarrassing for you) than "I felt the radish greens could have been a bit more crimson," or "there was a live spider in my egg carton." Keep in mind your tote will vary with the season - goats get pregnant, bugs like to chew tiny holes in kale - but our bodies are nourished by what we harvest each week.

We are super grateful to have your support for Organic Hudson Valley Farming.